Tip of the Week 20 » A Tale of Poor Ball Position


Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 20

A Tale of
poor ball position


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing or how good you are, bad things sneak back in.

One lovely day, I was out getting some swings for the Yellow iPad Digital Series and I was really struggling!

I couldn’t figure it out…I felt like I was doing everything right…until I played back the video… I couldn’t believe my eyes! My ball for my 5-iron was back of center! No wonder my balls were going low, thin and nowhere. I made the adjustment… and smooth sailing the rest of the day.

So please-please: work on ball position with all your clubs right down to the putter. If not, you will make this game more of a challenge and let’s face it it already is a challenge…why make it harder?

So let’s get to it!

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