Tip of the Week 107 » Keep Your Hands Moving


Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 107

Keep Your Hands


In this Tip of the Week, let’s get our hands out of the way, but moving through with shots around the green.

Many of us tend to get overactive with our hands, losing the angles we established at address…Instead we need to set it, forget it and from there, simply turn… drop… and rotate through.

Gripping the heck out of your club is another biggie. A death grip creates a ‘rigid as a board’ motion which, sends the ball wayward with zero distance control. Instead, we need zero tension in our hands, arms and shoulders to allow the clubhead freedom to do its thing. To achieve this, focus on keeping your hands low and moving through the shot which comes from your turn… drop… and rotation through.

By doing this, you allow the clubhead to stay low to the ground well past impact allowing the ball to stay on the face longer and perform as you envision.

So work on keeping your hands and clubhead moving and low through the shot for more solid contact around the green. Set it…Turn…drop…and rotate through! So, let’s get to it.

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