Tip of the Week 122 » Impact Drills

To be a great ball striker, you must be really good at impact. The point of impact is where the club meets the ball. The Pros understand that the hands need to lead the way through impact. They call this forward shaft lean. All great players have this forward lean coming into impact. The result: a penetrating ball flight that stays on line and goes far. Conversely, with most players, the clubhead wins that race. The result: a high, puffy ball flight that does not go far.

Tip of the Week 234 » How to Make a Big Backswing

If you want more pars and more distance, let’s make sure that you are REALLY making a backswing. Many players struggle with fully turning their back to the target. A popular reason with my students, is that they lose their sense of space…it get’s weird back there. So, instead, they end up not turning. Here’s the fix and the whys so you can get back there without getting weird. So let’s get to it!