Tip of the Week 17 » Doubt Kills

A common scenario:

Oh, crap…why do I always get these shots. That’s a BIG bunker and I have no interest in going in it. And this wind… it’s brutal! How big should my backswing be? I probably have 60 yards to the pin, I would guess…hmmm… maybe this backswing is good, no this one…crap, I don’t know… just swing. Wait! I’m too far right…Ohhhhh noooo over the green!!!! Geez…

Sound familiar?

In this week’s tip, I show you a better way.

Tip of the Week 18 » Focus on the Right Focus

Avoid the big numbers on Par 3s! Many see trouble and immediately panic. I am sure men do as well, but they tend to keep it well hidden. With women, it is written all over their face. The tempo quickens, the driver is whipped out—even though an iron or hybrid is the club—and throughout her entire pre-shot routine… what little of there is… all she sees is the trouble. In fact, the green is not even in the equation…it’s all a focus on the trouble. So guess where that ball is headed…you guessed it…right in to the trouble.

Sound familiar?

In this week’s tip, I show you a better way.

Tip of the Week 20 » A Tale of Poor Ball Position

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing or how good you are, bad things sneak back in. One lovely day, I was out getting some swings for the Yellow iPad Digital Series and I was really struggling!

I couldn’t figure it out…I felt like I was doing everything right…until I played back the video… I couldn’t believe my eyes! My ball for my 5-iron was back of center! No wonder my balls were going low, thin and nowhere. I made the adjustment… and smooth sailing the rest of the day.

So please-please: work on ball position with all your clubs right down to the putter. If not, you will make this game more of a challenge and let’s face it it already is a challenge…why make it harder?

Tip of the Week 79 » Squeeze an Orange

In this Tip of the Week, grab an orange. We are going to squeeze this orange to get better posture at set-up, which in turn, will make it easier to use your big muscles during the backswing. Many players, set-up with hunched or high shoulders, making the turning process a real challenge.

Tip of the Week 80 » Get Stacked

In this Tip of the Week, let’s get stacked. Many are confused with the term “stay back” as it relates to staying behind the ball through impact. Many instead, “hang back” resulting in topped or weak-right shots. Instead, we need to get stacked on our front side. We are still staying back with our head behind the ball, but we are not hanging back. The results are significant.

Tip of the Week 82 » Magic L

In this Tip of the Week, I share 3 main culprits that mess with the creation of this Magic L. What is the Magic L? The Magic L is magic and is created by your lead arm and shaft, back and through. The Ls are the essence of a golf swing’s arc.

Our job is to allow the swing arc to happen without US getting in the way. The golf club was designed to swing on an arc and if we mess with this circle bad things happen. So let’s address those now.