Fitness – New to Lifts

If you are new to lifting, no fret, join Christina in this starter series. Adding strength to your workouts is paramount for success on the golf course. Power lifting include both strength and explosive speed, which is why Christina love it and wants you to love it too. All you’ll need is a dowel, matt with optional light weights, empty barbell and medball.

Fitness with Jeff & Christina

Fitness with Jeff & Christina In this playlist, I team up with my long-time buddy and Exercise Physiologist Jeff Kroop. He knows his stuff. We assess, and throw you a few great exercises that you can do at home. Some require a pal, so grab your wife husband, son, daughter, good buddy and let’s get to it. CHECK OUT JEFF'S ...

Fitness for Guys with the Kroop

Heyooooh, Hey Guys, I am the Kroop, Exercise Physiologist. As guys, you know our mantra. We love this game. So let’s exercise specific to the game we are all so passionate about without having to give up our lifestyle….great golf – the foods we love to eat “MEAT” you know I’m not your alfalfa sprout guy – our favorite libation …and of course a great cigar!

Fitness – SIT Training

Sprint Interval Training Sprint workouts can be achieve with running, swimming, cycling, or almost any other cardiovascular exercise. Sprint training activates more muscle fibers and trains explosive power, which is exactly what we need to train for our golf game. Plus, I love this type of training because it is short, intense and gets results. Before your sprint workout, be sure ...

Explore Workouts

Explore Fitness Workouts To be a great ball striker, you need speed + centerface contact. The golf swing is one second. We begin in a static state and move into an explosive state within that one second. That’s why training for this type of quick energy is paramount for golfers. Speed alone won’t cut it and strength alone won’t cut it. ...