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I am offering MPTV subscribers an opportunity to get a free Swing Analysis by me each month! Yep, you heard right! As part of your subscription, you have an opportunity to submit your swing, chip, bunker, putt or whatever you’re struggling with for review by me. Submit the first Saturday of each month (see below for details). This is my gift to you for your awesomeness…and most importantly, I want YOU to know exactly which tips to watch and what to practice. Let's keep you from falling down the rabbit hole by misdiagnosing their swing, chip, putt etc.

Step 1 - Watch Video

Please watch video to follow these simple instructions to submit your swing for review by Christina. I need 2 views as shown below: DOWN THE LINE and FACE ON VIEWS.


Shooting Tips

  • Shoot Vertical format
  • Make sure your phone camera is set to 1080/60 FPS or 4K even better - DO NOT send slo-mo.
  • DO NOT shoot at early dawn or dusk - the club blurs too much (not enough light)
  • Upload 2 views: face-on and down the line view of your swing, chip, bunker etc. (whatever you're sending I need these 2 views)
  • Fill frame of camera but make sure I can see all of club and the ball.
  • Have buddy hold camera SUPER STEADY at chest height AND inline with the hands from both behind and directly face on. Get a tripod, even better.
  • If you plan to submit swings to Christina for analysis regularly, you will need to get a tripod with phone mount. Why? So you can properly position the camera so that it is the correct height AND it is perfectly still. If not, I cannot provide accurate lines in my analysis program. Plus, you don't have to worry about asking your pal to do it.


Step 2 - Send Swings

For this complimentary program, I accept swings the first Saturday of every month. If you miss sending it that day, you'll wait until the next month.

  • When sending by email, be sure to upload the max res version. Email can sometimes compresses video. I cannot provide reviews if they come to me tiny and blurry.
  • iCloud, Google Drive allow full max res videos to be sent which is what I need.
  • Another easy and free option: send using: wetransfer.com Send using this email in wetransfer: hello@morepars.com

Upload Your Swings using WeTransfer.comusing free service wetransfer.com

I Have a Question?

Step 3: Complete Game Form

for More Pars!

Case Studies
Christina, at her discretion, may share your swing/game improvements on social media with a goal of helping others with similar swing scenarios. If you are featured, you'll look like a rock-star.
Example: I pull my tee shots, low ball flight. Sometimes slice too.
Example: I hit my shots thin and to the right.
Example: I chunk my chips ALL the time
Example: I come up short and often favoring the left side of cup
If you are not taking lessons explain why here as well
When it is ‘good’, what do you notice about your swing or shots?
what do you do for a workout and how often?
Consent, Terms & Understandings - Let's Stay Safe.
I am aware that my involvement in this golf or fitness program is completely voluntary. I consent to participate in this golf or fitness program and I withdraw my right to make any claim of any kind against Christina Ricci, her More Pars Coaches, the Resort & Country Club, its directors and employees for any injury, illness or adverse change in my medical condition or state of health arising directly or indirectly from this golf or fitness program. I represent and warrant to Christina Ricci and her More Pars Coaches that I have furnished details of any medical condition I have (or may have had) and of all recent medical treatment received by me. I have read the foregoing and I understand it. Any questions which may have occurred to me, have been answered by my physician to my satisfaction.
Example, bad left knee (be specific), torn rotator cuff 8 years ago (ski accident) etc.
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