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You’ve been invited to play in the company’s golf tournament or a round with some clients. The first thing you wonder is, “What do I wear?”

True, golf does have a lot of rules and some apply to what you wear. However, it’s not that tricky. The basic guidelines for women at most clubs are simple. Skirts and shorts should fall within a few inches of your kneecap, preferably 1-3 inches. If you are wearing sleeves, no collar is required. If you are wearing a sleeveless top, collars are necessary. More conservative clubs might require sleeves and a collar, so it’s best to call and ask what their policy is before you show up to play. The last thing you want is to be turned away from the first tee box because your outfit doesn’t follow the rules.

Your main objective by playing golf for business is to build your brand and influence with your colleagues. Don’t blow the stridesFairwayFox_Look2 you’ve made at the office by stepping on one of these golf fashion landmines.

icon_DONtDISASTER No. 1 » DON’T wear shirts or skorts that are too short. They will ride up when you bend down to mark your ball or drive the ball and show too much skin for a business situation.

DO move around in front of a mirror when you are trying on golf apparel to make sure your shirt doesn’t creep up in a swing and your skirt doesn’t recede up your thigh when you bend to mark your ball. Extra Tip: Look for skirts that fall just above the knee. That length is the most flattering on most women and will be sure to pass the dress code standards at any private club.

DISASTER No. 2 » DON’T dress too young.
Most women’s golf apparel looks very feminine and/or very young; lots of pink, short hemlines, cute plaids, and prints. Getting them to take you seriously will be harder if they see you as too young, and thereby immature.

DO dress like the professional woman you are at the office. Look for sophisticated prints and cuts that will add to your influence. A few great brands are: Lizzie Driver, Wear to Win, Catherine Wingate Golf, Ralph Lauren, and Equipt for Play.

DISASTER No. 3 » DON’T wear denim or yoga clothes to play golf.
They are too casual for golf, especially in a business situation, and most likely break the club’s dress code.

FairwayFox-CroppedPantDO invest in a pair of stretch cropped pants that you can easily wear off the greens, as well. Pair with a tee shirt or polo (depending on the club’s dress code). Lizzie Driver, Tommy Hilfiger, and Banana Republic usually carry cute options.

DISASTER No. 4 » DON’T wear clothes that are too tight or too loose. You have to move around a lot and the last thing you want is for your clothes to be binding or to look like you are wearing a man’s shirt.

DO make sure your tops have princess seams, darts or a slim fit that will give a top shape without being too tight or too baggy.icon_DO Make sure to try it on beforehand and move around in it to ensure it’s comfortable and fits properly.

DISASTER No. 5 » DON’T wear something that isn’t you at all.
You’ll hate it the whole round and not feel like yourself and won’t put your best foot forward. If athletic or preppy clothes aren’t your thing, make sure your shoes or golf glove are aligned with your taste.

DO give yourself extra time to shop for a golf outfit that you feel great in AND will build your brand on the golf


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