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One of the very special and unique features of the More Pars learning suite is the Q&A On-Demand. You’ve got a question…we’re going to answer it…in action!

There are no dumb question…only the one you do not ask. So ask away. Please allow 3-4 days for email delivery of your question. Each month, Christina will feature a video answer – that could be your question. The Q&A On-Demand is just one of the many awesome and personalized features of the More Pars Platform.

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Julia is a passionate golfer gal on a mission to more pars. This season, she has already shaved 7+ strokes off her handicap dropping from a 37 to a 29.98. Awesome job Julia!

Julia has a great question. It has to do with a ball on various lies from 50 yards and specifically when it sits in the rough. It’s a great one because 50 yards and in is where players lose the most strokes.