More Pars Long Game Course


IMPROVE YOUR LONG GAME! This More Pars Training is a focus on the Long Game. Upon completion of this More Pars Course, you’ll be striking the ball more solid for more greens in regulation. Camp includes The More Pars Long Game Training Booklet shipped to your door. The booklet which will serve as your coach through the program. Consider Swing Reviews with Christina to ensure your technique and process is on target!




This More Pars Training is a focus on your long game from the fairway. Our goal from the fairway is solid and long so we can get on the green in regulation.

1. Direction – Accuracy
2. Distance – Compression – angle of attack/ impact point
3. Tempo & Timing for Energy

Misdiagnosing swing woes can send you to the wrong fairway. Instead, let’s truly educate you on the essentials of ball striking so you can see real change in your game. You’ll measure your current technique and process, so you have an accurate starting point. From there, you’ll apply your new knowledge of skills with training. I highly recommend working with a coach during this training or training with Christina