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Rules & Etiquette

Golf is a wonderful game. Rich with tradition and a cookie jar full of rewards for the spirit—a nearly perfect game, indeed. With that tradition and yummy cookies, comes the library of golf rules and behavior protocols that must be followed…or else!

Have a Listen

Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Before you crumble to your knees in the face of not knowing the rules or etiquette, let’s get you on the fast track to mastering the must-knows of golf etiquette. Our objective is to equip you with confidence. As I see it, knowledge breeds confidence and confidence equals more fun.
Let’s get on with it.

On the Course

PGA Pro Marc Spencer and Christina Ricci host on-course clinics that are a ton of fun. Join us in this Playlist where we explore lots of rules, etiquette, rough assess, pre-shot routines, and shots around the green, including the bunker!
Let’s start with this one now on preferred lies.