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This miraculous remedy eliminates the excess fat and water from the body, and improves the brain function, your memory, hearing, and vision. Better vision for more holed putts!

Fresh horseradish, organic lemon, and honey are the main ingredients you need for this recipe. Keep this healthy mixture in a closed jar and store it in the fridge.


Preparation and consumption:

Use your food processor to blend 125 g of horseradish and 1 piece of ginger (2 cm). Take 3 lemons, cut them in slices, and remove any seeds. Blend the lemons using the peel as well, and mix them together with the horseradish paste. Add 4 teaspoons of honey and 2 tsp cinnamon; blend well. Take a teaspoon of the mixture twice a day with your meals!

Benefits of each ingredient:

Horseradish: Horseradish contains significant amounts of cancer-fighting compounds called glucosinolates, which increase the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens and may suppress the growth of tumors. Horseradish has good amounts of vitamin-C, which is a powerful water soluble antioxidant. In addition, the root has small amounts of essential vitamins such as folate, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid.

Lemon: Lemon juice helps to cleanse and alkalize the body.

Honey: Helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. According to the USDA, honey contains about 64 calories per tablespoon. Therefore, honey is used by many people as a source of energy. Best benefit for us golfers: Recent research has shown that honey is an excellent ergogenic aid and helps in boosting the performance of athletes. Honey is a great way to maintain blood sugar levels, muscle recuperation, and glycogen restoration after a workout, as well as regulating the amount of insulin in the body and serving as an energy expenditure.

Cinnamon: Antioxidant-rich cinnamon extract helps reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease. Smelling cinnamon enhances cognitive processing, but consuming it significantly ups brain function!

Ginger: The spicy root helps cleanse out your system, aids in digestion, and settles your stomach.

Magic Elixir Series

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