Julia’s Question…Answered

Julia is a passionate golfer gal on a mission to more pars. This season, she has already shaved 7+ strokes off her handicap dropping from a 37 to a 29.98. Awesome job Julia!

Julia has a great question. It has to do with a ball on various lies from 50 yards. It’s a great one because 50 yards and in is where players lose the most strokes. So let’s illustrate Julia’s 3 lie scenarios and show you how to execute each one.

Hi Christina,

I have a request. These are kind of “Specialty Shots,” but they come up at least once or twice a round – especially for those of us who play on public dog tracks.

You’re within 50 yards of the flag and in the rough. I will call it medium rough.

1) Your ball is about half-way up, and the grass is laying pretty well at a 45-degree angle. You’re going to be swinging against the grain of the grass. This can grab the clubhead, pull it down, and cause a fat hit.

2) Similar situation, except you’re hitting with the grain. Chances are your ball is sitting more on top depending upon the  thickness of the grass. This also can be a tricky shot.

3) Then there’s this nasty situation where your ball is perched on grass, and it’s practically teed up. It’s very easy to swing under the ball and have it go about two feet – or even worse go up in the air – and you catch it again on your follow through.