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Pre-Tee-Off Overview

Our golf game begins as we get dressed. We envision a glorious day spent smacking a little white ball with our friends.  As we carefully select the right top to match our skort or slacks, we top off our fashionable outfit with the right hat, shoes, and jewelry that won’t inhibit our playing, such as dangling earrings.  And lastly, we get to the course with enough time to prep for the round. We call this the Pre-Tee-Off; an important and often neglected step to good golf. [wpfp-link]

Have a Listen

I see this too often.

Don’t just hit 20 driver shots as hard and fast as you can, and then head to the tee with that tempo. You can be certain that you will hit a few in the woods. Instead, when warming up on the range, pick different targets, clubs, and yardages.