Tin Cup Dives Deep

There is nothing quite like it…the feeling is the well-struck golf shot. It sends the WOW-factor through and through, keeping you coming back for more. Roy McAvoy said it best in the movie Tin Cup.

Roy: You mean…what is the…what is the golf swing by Roy McAvoy?
Well, I tend to think of the golf swing as a poem.

Clint: Ooh, he’s doing that poetry thing again.

Roy: The critical opening phrase of this poem will always be the grip. Which the hands unite to form a single unit by the simple overlap of the little finger…lowly and slowly the clubhead is led back, pulled into position not by the hands, but by the body which turns away from the target shifting weight to the right side without shifting balance. Tempo is everything; perfection unobtainable as the body coils down at the top of the swing. There’s a slight hesitation…a little nod to the gods.329-3

Molly: A…a nod to the gods?

Roy: Yeah, to the gods. That he is fallible. That perfection is unobtainable. And now the weight begins shifting back to the left pulled by the powers inside the Earth. It’s alive, this swing! A living sculpture and down through contact, always down, striking the ball crisply, with character. A tuning fork goes off in your heart and your balls. Such a pure feeling is the well-struck golf shot. Now the follow through to finish, always on line…the reverse C of the Golden Bear! The steel workers’ power and brawn of Carl Sandburg’s…Arnold Palmer!

Romeo Posar: Uh huh, he’s doing the Arnold Palmer thing.

Roy: End the unfinished symphony of Roy McAvoy.

Molly: Umm…what…what’s unfinished?

Roy: Well…I have a short follow through at the end…has an unfinished look.

Molly: Why?

Roy: Well some say it’s because that’s the easiest way to play through the winds of West Texas…in…and some say it’s because I never finish anything in my life…you can decide…the point is…every finishing position is unique.

Molly: huh…

Roy: That’s what the golf swings all about…it’s about gaining control of your life and lettin’ go at the same time.

Ginger kitten looking in mirror and seeing a lionThis was a poignant scene in the famous golf movie Tin Cup. As a golfer, it rings true. Golf is very poetic. What also struck me was Roy’s admission that his golf finish reflects his character…I never finish anything in my life, he states.

How do you feel about this statement? Is golf a mirror reflecting back our character…the good, bad, and downright ugly?


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I’ll close this out with one last reflection: I don’t know about you but, Roy McAvoy…Rory Mcilroy…what the heck?



Tin Cup Dives Deep


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