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The More Pars Platform is your personal coach…at your service. Enjoy Christina Ricci's best-selling golf books, guided courses, More Pars Training programs, which can include direct coaching from Christina, targeted playlists, and much more. Select a plan below to begin your journey to more pars.

Tip of the Week Membership

Get access to all of Christina's Tip of the Weeks, anytime and anywhere (with internet connection). Tip of the Week Membership - $59/annualIncludes 7-Day Trial. Explore More Pars Tip of the Week Membership for free for 7 days!

More Pars Book Club

Get access to all Christina's best-selling golf books:
  • Brand New Power Edition - Extended Content
  • Golf Survival Guide for New Golfers
  • Golf Survival Guide for Experienced Golfers
  • Power Leaks & Fixes
  • Power Body
  • Power Assessments
  • Power Technique
  • Equipment
  • Swing Strategies for Physical Limitations (i.e. tight hips)
  • and lots more!
  • and of course… More Pars!
More Pars Book Club for $59/annual Includes 7-Day Trial. Explore More Pars Book Club for free for 7 days!

More Pars All Access

Get access to all areas of the site:
  • Christina's best-selling golf books
  • Extensive More Pars Fitness Workouts
  • Every Tip of the Week
  • Guided More Pars Training
  • Robust Game Dashboard
  • Downloadable Game Sheets
  • Frame by Frame Swing Sequences
  • Targeted Playlists
  • Member Discounts
  • Game Resources and of course… More Pars!
More Pars All Access for $199/annual More Pars All Access for $15.95/monthIncludes 7-Day Trial. Explore More Pars for free for 7 days!

More Pars Training VIP

REMOTE COACHING - LIVE ANYWHERE. With the VIP Training Plan you get:
  • More Pars All-Access to site
  • 8 swing reviews with clubs of your choice
  • 5 Periodic Stat Assessments
  • Targeted Game Plan based on Swing Reviews
  • Welcome Gift No 1: Ultimate Game Journal shipped to you
  • Welcome Gift No 2: More Pars Fitness Pocket Set

  • More Pars VIP for $599/annual

    Swing Review with Christina

    REMOTE COACHING - LIVE ANYWHERE. Let's get you on track for more pars! Your swing review will include key points, visual cues and model comparison. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. Upon completion of payment, you'll be provided detailed (easy) next steps to submit your awesome swing. Get a Swing Review with Christina $85

“Working with Christina Ricci has been a very rewarding experience.

From her golf books to her videos and finally to a personalized 12 week online instruction class, I have found a convenient and effective way to hone in my golf skills. I’ll admit that I was skeptical as to whether an online golf instruction class would be effective – but it was – Christina’s class is great! Her class is filled with plenty of one-on-one time, excellent swing reviews and videos personalized to help where you need it the most. Christina has helped to transform my swing which allowed me to get more pars and have more fun, just as she promised. Oh, and she’s very funny, which helps too!”
- Yvette L. / NY

“I attended Christina's More Pars Camp and received additional swing reviews.

My training with Christina was phenomenal. She pointed things out that I didn't realize I was doing. The training was everything I had hoped for and more. Thanks, Coach!" - Mike Lovitt, VA

This video is so helpful. Keeping my shoulders down as made a huge difference in my game. To the point that golf friends are asking me who I am taking lessons from....I tell them Christina Ricci. You have had a greater positive impact on my game than any other person I have taken lessons from. Thank you for breaking down the key points without pointing out too many things at once. I love being able to watch the videos over and over. I guess I am more of a visual learner than I thought.
Kim / Tip of the Weeker