Welcome to Golf!

Welcome to the wonderful world of golf. You have embarked on a journey like no other. Golf is more than a game; it is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that can be enjoyed at any age and any level. If you are playing golf, you probably have already experienced that one hit. That one solid, pure strike that sent the ball to bliss – and you following closely behind.

I began my journey not too long ago. I was introduced to the game by my stepfather. Richard always wished for a golfing family because he knew the value it would bring to us all. He anticipated that the pursuit would yield much joy and a lasting bond for years to come. He was right, mostly, with the exception of a few tough, but valuable lessons I experienced along the way. Learn from my mistakes and get on the fast track to confidence and optimal enjoyment.

Let’s begin with these 5 Tips for New Golfers. Follow these tried-and-tested tips for optimal enjoyment on the emerald fairways.

Brittany is new to the game and is enjoying every minute of it. She is featured in Before & Afters with Real Women!

Meet Brittany as she improves her fairway woods!

5 Tips for New Golfers

LookforProInvest in Professional Lessons

Hi! My name is Christina Ricci and I’d like to personally welcome you tot he game of golf. It is hands down, the best game in town. With that, I’d like to share some advice that I hope is helpful as you begin your journey.ChristinaRicci_Coach-circle

I could not have dropped to a 5 handicap in 5 years without lots of professional golf lessons. And, I really enjoy learning, albeit at times, I get overly frustrated. For me, learning is fun and it should be for you as well!

When I started, I signed up for a series of 10 lessons. I got a deal by signing up for multiple lessons and more importantly, it meant that I was making a commitment to improve!

Group instruction is a terrific way to meet new players and work on elements of your game that you cannot typically get to with your one-on-ones, such as the short game, bunker, etc.

The most important factor when spending money for professional lessons is don’t waste your money! If you take a lesson and then do not work on the principles in-between lessons, then what’s the point? Or I see this quite often—and I was guilty of this—you’ll stray off track. You read a tip in a golf magazine and before you know it, you are heading down the wrong road. Moral: Stay on track!

The More Pars Platform is here for you. It is designed to guide you step by step from the clubhouse to the 19th hole. My suggestion it to enroll in the Par Course. The Par Course is comprehensive curriculum that covers everything you need from bag drop to your last putt on 18.

Your Kick-off Playlist

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Explore these focused learning playlists to get you up and running quickly.

Take a Structured Learning Course!

Head over to Golf University and enroll in an engaging learning experience. Guided learning courses are designed to make the learning process focused and easy breezy as it takes you through the sequential steps of the game – from tee to green and in-between.
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