What does fitness have to do with Golf?

I have been working out for many years, mostly bodybuilding styles of workouts. I discovered CrossFit 5 years ago. At the time, I could not do one pull up. Now, I can do 10… strict. My swing is more consistent and I can go at it hard. I have more stamina and focus during a round. I have more speed through the ball. I am fitter and look better now, than I did when I was 20. Well, I am stronger, anyway.

When I worked out at the gym, I rarely sweat. I would do my usual leg lifts, bicep curls, abducter and adductor, lunges, some ab work. I did run back then, and bike now. My muscles were toned, but not strong. I thought they were strong…but they weren’t. My glutes were non-existent. My legs were okay because I ran, but when I stopped running, I really saw a drop off.

I decided to try CrossFit. My chiropractor was super-fit and was always pumped up when he talked about it. I tried it first in Miami, and then, more regularly back up in the Boston area. To be honest: after being a gym rat for so many years, I had no idea what I was getting in to. The intensity of the workouts reminded me of when I was in high school playing team sports daily, field hockey and tennis. I had lost that over the years.

One of the main draws of CrossFit is the community, the camaraderie, the support you feel whether you finish first or dead-last. CrossFit is Community
My body was tone, but had minimal stamina, strength or power. No wonder why my golf balls were so short and my back hurt… ALL the time. I had no postural integrity, core strength or stamina to support the demands of the golf swing!

CrossFit in a nutshell is essentially functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity in a very short amount of time. Hey, that’s a bonus! It’s intense, but short. The movements can be learned and with our help, piece of cake…paleo cake.

My advice: Don’t be afraid of CrossFit. Focus on proper form before adding any load. The coaches are usually pretty awesome at CrossFit gyms.

Form is king, as it is in golf. BUT, you must also bring intensity to the table to see real benefits. Meaning, during your More Pars Fitness workouts, keep the pace steady and work hard. Grab your pals. One of the main draws of CrossFit is the community, the camaraderie, the support you feel whether you finish first or dead-last. The workouts should never be a walk in the park. If they are, you are not trying hard enough and will see minimal if any improvement. My suggestion, is to find a CrossFit gym in your area and try it out. All ages, all fitness levels are welcome. Workouts are always scaled to fit your fitness level. Safety is always number one.

What is More Pars Fitness?

As a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, TPI Golf 3 and Power Level 2 Coach, I’ve taken all my knowledge of fitness, connected with top instructors in their respective fields to bring you a fitness program designed to get you strong, so you can drive it long!

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The More Pars Fitness is level-based including exercises and workouts from Level 1 to advanced Level III. Be sure to master the Level I workouts before moving on. Like the golf game, form is king and our jobs as More Pars Fitness Coaches is safety above all else! Be smart.