Tough Shots – Buried Lie

Buried lies are commonly known as, “fried eggs.” They are tricky little shots because you never know whatcha gonna get, when getting it out.

However, to minimize sending the ball a mile over the green, focus on your set up to ease the pain. Keep in mind, your follow-through will be minimal. The idea is to drive into the sand behind the ball, to essentially pop it up and onto the green. Long greenside bunker shots require more carry than your standard bunker shot. Instead, grab your PW or 9 iron. You’ll discover that it will play much easier.

Remember: Ball position is center to encourage a steeper angle of attack.

To get the ball out, a vertical angle of attack is required Set up with an open stance to encourage a steep out-to-in path. Weight favors your front leg with a square clubface at address.

SWING DOWN, not through. There is no follow-through with this shot. The key is to pop the ball up and out. Do not expect any spin, as the ball comes out hot with extra roll.