Time to Assess Your Long Game

Download the sheets and head to the range to begin your assessments. By getting a baseline of where you’e striking the ball and your numbers, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you’ll focus on with your training. I suggest, working with a local pro or request guidance from Christina. It’s more fun working as a team to achieve your game goals.
Assessment 1: Impact Point 

– Irons & Hybrids
– Woods

Download Me: Impact Point
Assessment 2: Your Numbers 

– Clubhead & Ball Speed
– Smash-Factor
– Carry
– Path and Attack Angle (steep/shallow)
– Spin
– Tempo Ratio

Download Me: What are you numbers?
Assessment 3: Current Ball Flight 

– Start Direction
– Curvature and Trajectory

Download Me: Current Ball Flight
Assessment 4: Dispersion Pattern 

– Par 5 second shots
– Approach shots to green

Download Me: Dispersion Pattern

Assessment 5: Chart Your Numbers 

Golf is a numbers game. Knowing how far you carry with your clubs is paramount for more GIRs. Newer players, oftentimes, do not have much yardage difference (yet). No worries. Once you get more efficient with ball striking and get properly fitted for your equipment, you’ll begin to see yardage differences.

Download Me: Yardage Chart – Chart Your Numbers