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Those dang cart paths!

PGA Professional Marc Spencer sheds light on your options when faced with a ball on a cart path.

Unplayable Official Rules Definition: Rule 24-2: Immovable Obstruction

If your ball comes to rest on or near a cart path and it interferes with your swing or stance, you are entitled to a free drop.
STEP 1: Assess the situation before touching your ball. There may be circumstances where playing off the cart path is a better option.

STEP 2: Take your stance to determine full relief.

STEP 3: From the new ball position and once full relief is established, measure one club length from there; but no nearer to the hole.

STEP 4: Stand with your arms outreached and parallel to the ground. Drop within the one club length.

This lesson is part of an on-course clinic that we conduct with women; a great way to get on the fast track to better golf.