Bunker Play » Set Up & Such

The keys to success with a bunker shot are relaxation and the right set up.

Remember: Open the clubface first, then take your grip.

Set up with an open stance – meaning your feet, hips, and shoulders are aimed more left of the target. Weight favors front side from start to finish.

Ball position is left of center {upper middle of your stance}.

Set your wrists early with zero tension. Make a generous backswing.

Accelerate through the sand ensuring that you catch sand first {that’s why they call it a sand shot}. The sand literally propels the ball out.

The key to a sand shot is to make sure you take sand. It is not a sand shot if you pick the ball cleanly. The sand literally propels the ball out of the bunker. For more roll, catch more sand. More sand equals less backspin. Handy for those longer bunker shots.