Bunker Play » Long Greenside

They say the long greenside bunker is one of the toughest shots in golf. I agree with this statement. If you walk into the bunker with a “woe is me” attitude, then chances are you’ll hit a woeful shot.

Long greenside bunker shots require more carry than your standard bunker shot. Instead, grab your PW or 9 iron. You’ll discover that it will play much easier.


Do stand a bit taller from a long greenside bunker, and get to your finish! You’ll need to generate clubhead speed to propel this ball the 30-40 yards to the green.

Set Up & Execution

Your stance is slightly open, but not as much as a normal bunker shot.
Select either a PW, lob wedge or even a 9 iron, depending on the distance you need to carry to the green.
A big backswing is key here. However, tempo is even more important. A controlled swing with your head still is a must. You need steady acceleration to propel the ball 30-50 yards to the green.