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The Truth About Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for better rounds on the golf course. When I toss and turn and do not get that needed REM sleep, I am foggy the next day and my performance is sluggish. Here are some interesting facts about sleep.

Everybody needs eight hours
Not so. The truth is that everyone’s different: there are people who thrive on less, and others who really do need early nights. Healthy-SleepingBabyThe amount an individual needs is genetically determined, so the best way to find your optimum sleep time is to listen to what your body is telling you.

{I sleep 8-9 hours a night} How much do you sleep a night?

Treat your bedroom like a sanctuary
These days, a bedroom may double as a computer room or TV lounge, particularly if living space is tight. As far as possible, try to keep it as a sanctuary to sleep. With the lights off, a bedroom should be dark, quiet, and cool. Turn off any screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

{I do} Do you?

Children really do need their sleep
Good quality sleep – and enough of it – is vital for child growth, learning, and psychological development. The NHS recommends more than 16 hours a day for a newborn, 11 hours for a five-year-old, and around nine hours when they reach 14. Set a bedtime routine and try to keep to it.

{No kids to comment} Do your kids get to bed routinely every night?

mercury-thermometer-sleepTossing and turning is a bad idea
Insomnia is a miserable experience. The harder you try, the less likely you are to drift off. It’s almost impossible to force yourself to sleep. Experts say that if you can’t get to sleep after 30 minutes, you should get up and do something else until you feel sleepy, then return to bed.

{Only if I am hot, too much to drink or racing thoughts} What makes you toss and turn?

Keep cool while you sleep
Temperature is vital to a good night’s rest. Your body heat needs to drop about 0.5 C during sleep. So keep your bedroom cool. Avoid large meals or lots of alcohol late in the evening, as your body will burn off these calories, raising your body temperature and disturbing sleep.

{55 degrees is my optimal temp} What is yours?

Sleep Facts

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