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A true story of utter embarrassment.

Well, I thought so when my friend and I were invited to play Nantucket Golf Club – a private club on the beautiful island of Nantucket.NO_ShortShorts I was a couple years into the game already and my friend, Mel, had been playing for about a year. We had our golf bags, shoes, hats on our heads, and our totes in hand. Little did we know that there were no carts allowed. We would be walking with a caddy! Totes had to go in the lockers. We got through that well enough and headed to the range to warm-up. Our clubs were already there waiting for us. We didn’t need to check-in because, typically at private facilities, the host covers the cost of the round. It goes on their account. We were appreciative, indeed!

Our host was chatting with the club manager a few spots down on the range, and we noticed the manager glancing our way. We were summoned over and advised that our shorts were too short!Christina and Mel on ACK

Warming up, getting our groove for the day, we were loving life. It was a beautiful day, we were about to tee it up complete with a caddy! A caddy is great. Not only can they watch your ball, they provide yardages, read greens, and carry your bag. All you have to do is walk and enjoy the day with your playing partners—the way golf should be played. These days, it’s get in the cart…rush-rush-rush… and we miss out on the true nature and beauty of the game. It’s a shame, really…but, back to the range.

Mel and I thought we looked pretty cute in our golf outfits. We both had collared shirts, which is a safe bet, albeit, many clubs are more lenient on this rule and are allowing non-collared shirts. Keep in mind, sleeveless shirts always need a collar. We both wore shorts. Now, here is where our day takes a turn.  Again, we were told our shorts were too short! Yikes, holy embarrassment Batman! Too short? We were instructed to head to the Pro Shop to pay $110 for a pair of longer shorts, just above the knee. We were utterly mortified. We embarrassed our host and had to wear these long things.

NO_CArgoPantsGetting dressed for golf is pretty easy if you follow these YES/NO factors.

  1. Tops: When in doubt, wear a collared shirt. Sleeveless tops must be collared. Sometimes, if it is chilly, I will wear a long-sleeve, non-collared shirt, which is acceptable. However, to play it safe, I wear my vest jacket, which is collared. So I am good to go.Puma_LongSleeves
  2. Bottoms: No jeans or denim-like pants of any kind. Stay clear of cargo pants. I got called out on wearing these at a club. Skorts are great, keep them on the mid-thigh range. Shorts – just above the knee or slightly shorter.
  3. Shoes: Comfort trumps style. I prefer a more structured shoe with a solid base. It provides support to load better in your backswing.
  4. Gloves: Opt for high-quality Cabretta leather, which provides an excellent grip with a soft, comfortable feel for better performance.
  5. Hats & Visors: Protection from the sun is best achieved with a stylish cap or baseball cap. But I know many of you don’t want to mess up the hair and instead, opt for visors and rightly so. However, invest in sun spray to protect the locks and the scalp.

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