Golf Mental Game

real change in your game

why do you play golf?

Knowing why you play the game, helps to define your game goals. For example, a practice session for a player that enjoys competitive golf will be very different than a player that enjoys more of the social aspect. Understanding your reason will help to define a clear set of realistic goals that you can attain.

TIPS before you head out

Setting clear intentions before you head out for a round of golf is very powerful. Believe it or not, how you feel, state of mind and confidence level as you walk out the door play a key role in how the day will progress. The best approach is to focus on happy thoughts with positive intentions for a more enjoyable day.

MORE PARS TIP: Get Coach Help

If you feel no matter what you try, what video you watch or book you read, you still cannot get out of your own way, head to Coach Services. More Pars Coach Christina can help you dial in the essentials for a more enjoyable round. Don't be shy. Let's do this!

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