Golf Long Game

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To get the most from your practice, be sure to have a point of reference--a baseline--starting point. For example, find out which direction your ball is starting in relation to the target line. Setting up a pool noodle station is a fun way to discover your start line.

TIPS to fix swing faults

There are a collection of common Swing Characteristics that rob power and efficiency. The first step is to identify yours. The second step is to identify a solution. When in doubt, request a Swing Review from Christina!

MORE PARS TIP: get creative to encourage practice

To make a new movement pattern stick, you need to spend time to cognitively rehearse the new move, as well as physically practicing the move. A fun way to train and practice is to get creative. Train your sequence pattern at the beach with a frisbee.

MORE PARS FITNESS TIP: Assess your body

Head to the More Pars Power Training to assess your body. It is the most important piece of equipment. Inside that section, you'll assess your current state. Knowledge is power. By understanding your weak links within your own body, you can then craft a smart fitness program!

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