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TIPS FOR workouts

If strength and speed is one of your fitness goals, then be sure to mix up each workout. Routine is the enemy when it comes to changing bodies. You have lots of fun exercises to select here on the More Pars site, such as Bells & Bars, Resistance Bands, Medball exercises, plyometrics, power lifting, cardiogolf…

focus on form first

Safety first through great form. Just like the golf swing, fitness exercises require that the body is poised to lift those dumbbells overhead (or that over-packed suitcase up into the overhead on the plane). Perfect form before loading up. More Pars Fitness with Christina gives you the whys and the hows, so you can get strong to go long.

MORE PARS TIP: back squats rock

One of the fastest ways to more distance is squats. It works multiple joints and muscles used in our golf swing. Incorporate squats (lots of them) into your workout routine.

MORE PARS TIP: Get Coach Help

Just like the golf swing, fitness form is paramount for safety and effectiveness. BIG MISCONCEPTION: If I lift heavy, I'll get hurt. Yes, if your form is off. If done correctly, you'll be amazed how that translates into your golf game. So don't wait. Get Coach Help!

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