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TIPS for ball selection

Your golf ball plays a significant roll for your long and short game. It provides distance and the right amount of spin so the ball launches at the optimal height your YOUR swing speed. Plus, players have a personal preference for how the ball behaves around the green. Many prefer a soft ball for feel. What's your preference?

golf is a smart game

A significant part of the game is course strategy---when to go for it---and when to play is safe. I believe that's why golf is so popular. It is a game that requires smart thinking. Players like to be smart and enjoy the beauty of success.

MORE PARS TIP: Get Fitted!

Equipment plays a significant role in your game. Ill-fitted equipment affects your set-up and in-motion performance. AND YES, even if you are a newer player, you MUST get fitted (if you want more pars, that is). I see this scenario more with women than with men.

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