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I believe that “hitting like a girl” is a good thing. It is the idea that a professional woman does not need to make excuses for the way she conducts herself – whether it is in the business world or on the golf course.

Too often in business, we feel that it would be more beneficial for our careers to act more like the men and suppress our feminine side. We should obviously be professional, but men and women are different and can complement each other nicely in business.

cowboy-damsel-33On the golf course, it is especially important for women to take advantage of the relaxed environment where informal relationships can be forged. You should also dress well and be respectful. But the most important thing is to open up and let your playing partners see the real you. Maybe you love to paint or sing, or you have a great sense of humor. Let the guys know about these different sides of you, and they will appreciate you more after getting to know you better. Who knows, maybe your playing partner loves to sing in the car, and you can bond over that!

Women should also take advantage of the fact that men love to help women. There is a reason why the cowboy always ends up saving the damsel in distress!

By letting your male playing partners help you during a round of golf, you open a new door for them to help you in business. Just ask your male playing partners to help you better understand the game and the rules. Maybe even ask them for the best strategy on a tough hole.

As a more advanced player, I usually just ask for help reading my line (the direction I should hit my putt on the green). If you are successful at least once while using their advice, they will have a newly found desire to help you not only succeed on the golf course but also in the business world.

It doesn’t take much to build quality relationships with men on the golf course, it just takes understanding who they are and how to work with them. After that it only takes getting out on the golf course and being yourself.

Headshot-Jenn-Harris-BlogAbout Jenn Harris

Jenn Harris is on a mission to get more female executives to win respect, rewards, and sales through the game of golf. Recognizing how the game boosted her own career, she now shares how to make more green on the green through bimonthly contributions to, Webinars, seminars, and private corporate training.

Her unique approach was also featured in the BBC, San Diego Union Tribune, Daily Worth, and dozens of local media.

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