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Meet John Sikora. A young lad committed to improving his putting. In fact, he created this incredible putting station with his own two hands. Then he took those two hands and practiced his putting. Creating your pwn games and training aids, makes the game even more fun! Find this tip inside the Putting Practice Playlist.

TIPS to fix things

As we move from tee to green, our targets get smaller and smaller. Once we are on the green, our target is very small, which means we need to develop skills of precision. The best way to groove a tighter dispersion pattern whether it's 50 yards, 20 yards or 3 ft, is to practice these very distances.

MORE PARS TIP: Get Coach Help

One of the most common culprits of wayward chips, bladed bunker and missed putts is misdiagnosing. The best approach to determine what you should be focusing on with your technique is to get coach help. Don't be shy. Let's do this!

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