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To get the most from your practice, be sure to have a point of reference--a baseline--starting point. For example, find out which direction your ball is starting in relation to the target line. Setting up a pool noodle station is a fun way to discover your start line.

TIPS to fix swing faults

There are a collection of common Swing Characteristics that rob power and efficiency. The first step is to identify yours. The second step is to identify a solution. When in doubt, request a Swing Review from Christina!

MORE PARS TIP: How to make it stick

To make a new movement pattern stick, you need to spend time to cognitively rehearse the new move, as well as physically practice. I find that players give up too soon. Your brain--quite literally--needs to time to physically create new neural pathways of this new movement pattern. Bottomline: be patient and rehearse often.

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