Get Fit with Danny & Christina

Welcome to the More Pars Fitness Workout!

This comprehensive workout of 20 exercises designed to get you strong to drive it long.You will improve your physical competence and skills in these core areas:

1. Cardiovascular Your body’s ability to deliver power oxygen.
2. Stamina Your body’s ability to walk off 18 like it was hole 1.
3. Strength Your body’s ability to power through the rough.
4. Flexibility Your body’s ability to be torque-up!
5. Power Your body’s ability to drive it long.

6. Speed Your body’s ability to deliver max clubhead speed.
7. Coordination Your body’s ability to perform tee to green.
8. Agility Your body’s ability to perform advanced golf moves, like the flop shot.
9. Balance Your body’s ability to leverage the ground or finish in perfect balance.
10. Accuracy Your body’s ability to accurately perform skills tee to green.

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Golf works from the inside out…core to extremity to clubhead, which is why it is absolutely critical that you develop torso strength and stability.

This stability allows for a centered rotation of the upper boy over a stable lower. From there, your legs and hips drive the downswing. The combination of stable torso rotation over a solid lower body is what generates that max clubhead speed! You’ll learn the DOs, DON’Ts, and essentials of proper training with each session.
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