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Our goal is to keep you safe and injury free. If you have any questions, send us a message using the Request Help Bell.

Your goal is a full range of motion. Be smart and stay focused on reaching a full range of motion with your exercises. This is where I see the breakdown. Not reaching a full range of motion will slow your results. And I know that you want results. So, that said, take it slow, be very body aware to ensure that you do not injure any body parts.

Your fitness regime should be tailored for your level of physical condition. We have labeled every exercise on this site with Level 1 for beginner; Level II for intermediate; and Level III for advanced. We trust that you will not attempt a Level III if you are new to fitness. This is common sense. Good common sense translates to enjoying the game of golf for many years to come.

Get help! That’s why we are here. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help you reach your goals on the golf course and in the gym. Request a Fitness Form Review or Custom Fitness Game Plan!

So, let’s get you on your way to a
“Lean, Mean Swinging Machine!”

Golf demands good form and technique.

…so does the game of fitness.

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