The Kroop for Guys

Heyooooh, Hey Guys, I am the Kroop, Exercise Physiologist

As guys, you know our mantra. We love this game, so let’s exercise specific to the game we are all so passionate about without having to give up our lifestyle….great golf – the foods we love to eat “MEAT” you know I’m not your alfalfa sprout guy – our favorite libation… and of course a great cigar!


So we got this, Team up with me by subscribing and let’s connect. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel – “Golf Fitness Lifestyle” Every Sunday we’ll fire up a great cigar over a golf-specific fitness exercise, Wednesdays, my cigar and product reviews plus scenes from the “Sh**t Shot”, “To The Flask”, “Dog at the Turn” and the “Epiphany at the 19th Hole”! You can also connect with me on Facebook

Long ashes, Cheers and will see you at the 19th for a couple of cold ones!

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