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Fairway Overview

Solid contact from the fairway is such a treat. The goal is to make this a common occurrence, instead of those thin, fat, and low-worm-burners-that-go-nowhere occurrences. In order to achieve GIRs {Greens in Regulation}, you must have a consistent set up and execution. In this section, we’ll do just that; get you equipped with solid fundamentals from the fairway. We’ll also address those BAD SHOTS from the fairway: thin, fat, and no distance shots!

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Divots remain a thorn in a woman’s side.

The fairway can be more intimidating than the tee box because we do not have a cushy tee to tee the ball. Instead, we need to take divots and hit down on the ball to get it airborne, a concept that remains a mystery to most. So let’s clear this mystery right now and get you hitting solid shots from the fairway!

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