Drills & Practice Overview

When we hear the word “Drills,” we think of work. Work is no fun.

Instead, let’s change this perspective. Drills are fun! Why are they fun, you ask? Because…they help us improve at the game of golf and that means more pars. And more pars is definitely more fun! So let’s get to work…oops …I mean let’s get to that fun now!

Have a Listen

Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty.

Let’s start with this fun balance test.

Grab a buddy for this test. To check if you are properly balanced at address, set up to the ball and take your stance. Then have a friend give you a little shove.

You should feel solid and not budge. If you do fall off balance, then check your set up. You might be too much on your toes or heels; or your stance might be too narrow.

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