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Welcome to Power Leaks & Fixes


There are a collection of common Swing Characteristics that rob power and efficiency. The first step is to identify yours. The second step is to identify a solution.


Once you determine your tendencies, then you’ll have a specific focus. It is highly recommended that you work with a golf professional to ensure that you are correctly diagnosing as well as to ensure that you are on the best path for correcting.

I see far too many players misdiagnosing themselves, which sends them down the wrong path. Instead, let’s truly educate you on the essentials of ball striking so you can see real change in your game. You’ll measure your current body, equipment and technique, so you have an accurate starting point. From there, you’ll apply your knowledge with training. This Training is not a replacement for your instructor. I highly recommend working with a coach or training through with Christina through this MorePars.com platform.

Are you ready for more pars? Let’s get to it!

Course Curriculm

Defining Swing Characteristic
Swing Characteristics are things that we do in our golf swing that are not optimal.

Bonnie & Clyde
Swing Characteristics like to work in pairs. Understanding that relationship will get you on the fast track to swing efficiency.

Swing Characteristics can develop due to a misconception of how things should work in the golf swing. Let’s make sure that you are clear.

 Drills & Fixes
With a specific focus, go tackle your tendencies!

Strategies for Physical Limitations
Most everyone has a physical limitation of some type. This is a great section to work around these limitations as you train to resolve.
More Distance – Get What You Want
Groove your technique! Nick and Christina share their swings with keys to help you with yours! There is no cookie-cutter swing, but there are some essential keys to optimize center-face and efficiency.

Check Your Body
The most important element to efficiency is to first ensure that your body is working efficiently.
What’s Your Engine?
We’ll take a trip back to your childhood.
Understanding Your Muscles
How muscles are created and how they generate power.
How We Train Golf Power
You’ll learn 4 Core Areas with 4 Methods of Training. Don’t get scared. We have Level 1-2- and 3 Training.
You’ll go through a series of body assessments to get a baseline of your power output, mobility, stability, and strength as well as your opposite talents.

Understanding Ball Laws
Before you can fix Swing Characteristics, it would be beneficial for you to know why the ball does what it does. Misconceptions about how the ball flies can create Swing Characteristics.
Ball Laws
You’ll learn why the ball does what it does and travels as far…or not as far as we’d like.
Get Your Desired Ball Flight
You’ll learn how to get your desired ball flight.
Understanding Spin
The ball back spins and a certain rate…and that rate is paramount to optimize.
Swing Plane
What it is and how to stay on it. Also the variables that effect flight and distance based on your relationship to the swing’s arc.
Launch Angle & Direction
Understanding how the ball launches and in what direction is paramount to get your desired ball flight.
Face to Path
The relationship between your clubface and swing direction plays a significant role
Kinematic Sequence
You’ll learn what it is and how to optimize.

Equipment Overview
Join Christina and master club fitter, JT Dowd in this great equipment series
How your equipment affects spin and what you need to do to optimize
Grip Size Matters
How to ensure that your grip is properly sized.
Impact Point
A key parameter with increasing your ball speed.
Understanding Shaft Flex & Length
How the flex of the shaft affects spin, launch and ball speed.
Attack Angle
How Attack Angle affects spin rate
Center of Gravity
What it is and why it is important.
New to Golf?
Common questions answered for newer players
Can Equipment Fix Swing Flaws?
This popular question is answered.


On completion of your Power Training, you’ll receive a virtual achievement certificate that you can print and share on social touting your awesomeness!

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