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Welcome to Course Strategy & Mental Management


This More Pars Training is a focus on playing the game from tee to green and in-between with smart thinking and strategy.

1. Developing a shot process…before, during, and after the shot.
2. Staying in that process versus outcome-focused.
3. Right versus left brain for performance.

Golf is a game that challenges our body and our mind. What separates the good players from the great players is smart thinking, the ability to play great under pressure and playing without fear. Unfortunately, too many players play the game in fear, especially while others are watching. In this Training, you’ll learn how to find your greatness!

Are you ready for greatness? Let’s get to it!


On completion of your Power Training, you’ll receive a virtual achievement certificate that you can print and share on social touting your awesomeness!

Course Curriculum

Developing a Shot Process
Before, during and after the shot.

Staying in the Process
Many struggle with outcome focus versus process focus. Learn how to make the switch.

Right & Left Brain Play
Learn how to play both smart.

Dealing with You
– Swing Thoughts
– Doubt
– Intentions Pre-Tee-Off

Scary Pressure
Playing well under pressure is a true test of one’s abilities.

Playing the Hole
Learn how to play two shots ahead.

 Wayward Shots
Embracing the challenge, not dreading.

Dealing with Others
– Pace
– Yappers
– Rule Bookers
– People behind you
– Watching Swings
– Ready Golf
– Tips for Newer Golfers
– Apologizing

Staying Focused for 18 holes
Ahhh..not quite necessary. Find out why.

Nutrition doesn’t matter
It does.

Getting Angry
Learn the truth about anger and golf.

Goals & Expectations
– What are your goals?
– Realistic expectations for success
– Professional golfer percentages

 A Champion Process
What’s your process and routine pre- during- and post-shots? Is it holding you back or a champion for you?

Many players get so wrapped up in noise (technique), they forget the object of the game.

Mental Stamina and Course Management Assessment
Let’s assess your golf strategy and mental fortitude.

 STEP 1: Champion Process
Let’s take a look and evaluate a champion vs not-so-champion process.

STEP 2: Smart Process vs Not-So-Smart Process
Let’s take a look and evaluate a smart process and not-so-smart process.

STEP 3 Quiet the Noise
– Focus on the right stuff
– Manage Self-Talk
– Nerves
– Tension
– Get a Mantra
– Doubt

STEP 4: Right vs Left
– How to use both effectively

STEP 5: Performance
Questions to ask yourself:
– How do you perform under pressure?
– How do you perform when other players are watching?
– How do you perform at the range? Same performance as the course?

Strategies for Physical Limitations
Most everyone has a physical limitation of some type. This is a great section to work around these limitations as you train to resolve.

More Distance – Get What You Want
Groove your technique! Nick and Christina share their swings with keys to help you with yours! There is no cookie-cutter swing, but there are some essential keys to optimize center-face and efficiency.

Power Leaks – Swing Characteristics & Fixes
Let’s identify your Swing Characteristic and train to resolve in this comprehensive training module.

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