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Welcome to Bunker Training


This More Pars Training is a focus on bunker play. Let’s get you confident once and for all out of the bunkers!

1. Lie and Lay of Land
2. Technique
3. Tough Shots

Like a slo-motion horror flick, a player cringes as their ball rolls into the bunker…yet again. Previous bunker nightmares flood your vision. “OMG, I got an 8 on this hole the last time I was in that bunker!” In this training, you’ll discover the bunker is pretty cool place to be in.

Are you ready for more pars? Let’s get to it!


On completion of your Training, you’ll receive a virtual achievement certificate that you can print and share on social touting your awesomeness!

Course Curriculum

What’s Your Lie and Lay of the Land?
Flat, sloped, other? Carry and lip distance? This will determine everything else.

The basic bunker shot is a unique shot with a specific technique.

Tough Shots
Once your technique is sound, let’s get to the tougher shots.

Is she blowing toward or against?

Texture of Sand
Plays a key role.

I need to Help the Ball Out
Versus allowing the sand to do all the work.

What Does Open Mean?
Players think they know…but actually don’t. Let’s clarify now…just in case.

Sandwedge & Bounce
Understanding what it is and how it works.

 Consistent Splash
What that means and how to get it

 Consistent Process
How and what to focus on when in the sand

What to expect based on the lie and lay of the land

 Splash Assess
Line Assess to determine splash point. Where is YOUR consistency?

STEP 1: Get Feel in Grass
– Practice set-up and motion in fluffy grass
– Bonus work on flop shot at the same time

STEP 2: Get Stable & Fast
– Get crazy low and maintain sit
– Assess finish. Still in sit?
– Flat footed style of finish
– Upper torso does all the work
– Fast hands through sand

STEP 3: Check your Path
– Steep or too shallow?
– Deep divots or bladed shots?

Long Greenside
– What’s your lie and lay of the land?
– How much green have you got?
– Not always a sandwedge

Eggs & Lips
– Fried Egg (no frying pan required)
– Ball close to the edge

– Downslopes
– Upslopes
– Ball Below Feet
– Ball Above Feet

Sand Textures
– Little Sand
– Hard Sand

Drills to Fix Wayward
or two feet in front of you shots.

Bunker Practice
Things you can do in the bunker to groove technique.

More Games:
– Tee Game
– Board Game
– Shaft for Path

Chipping Training
Get confident with the basic cupcake chip. It is the foundation for all other shots around the green. Plus, you’ll learn about wedges, getting a process and how to assess the situation.

Creative Around the Green
Learn all types of shots around the green from the low runner, high & soft and lies of all sorts.

On the Green Training
Learn how to get really good on the green. Read it. Roll it. Hole it in less strokes.

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  1. After taking this course, went to range to put it in practice and the results were great. The keys for me were the square in hard and wet sand and the face being open in softer sand. It was easier to get it out of the Bunker which is a weakness in my golf game. Now off to chipping and pitching. Hope there is some flop shot tips there .

    Have very Blessed Day,

    Thank you,

    Mike West

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