More Pars Coaching with Christina Ricci


Ongoing coaching program for
passionate players–brand new or single digit.

I am offering Coach Memberships for players on a mission to more pars. You’ll have 24×7 access through the CoachNow app feed. Upload tee to green shots for review and drills to take action. Open to all players and skill levels.


Coach Now is cool and free for students. It is an ongoing chronological training space that is progressive (like a daily digest), so we can really see the progression as we work together. You’ll upload swings into our private Training Space for review by Christina. This is a tremendously effective way to stay on track with your game.

    • I am not sure what to practice?
    • I’m a 22 handicap and would like to be a 12.
    • I’d really like to be more consistent overall with my game
    • I’m fine on the range…course is another story.
    • Uneven lies kill my score.
    • I am missing all my shots left…AGHH!
    • I want shoot consistently below 80 .
    • I am brand new and have lots of questions about equipment and set-ups?
    • I am on the verge of breaking 90 but… it’s my chips
    • I’ve lost 20 yards off the tee.
    • I am not clear about this Lean-In?
    • I am not clear which club to use when on the course?


I created MORE PARS COACH plans for players who cannot attend an in-person lesson or camp, as well as for my current students to keep them on track post-camp or lesson. So whether you are brand new or a single digit player, let’s get your game to the next level.

To see videos of my swings next to Christina’s are invaluable. She talked and pen marked the comparisons. I can now visualize the new swing elements. It is magical!!! Thank you Christina!!!😊

-Felicia \ Florida

  • STEP 1: Download CoachNow free app.
  • STEP 2: Accept invite from Coach Christina
  • STEP 3: Upload your swings direct from phone into app for review throughout the month.
  • STEP 4: Christina responds with annotations on your video along with drills and action plan – all posted to the private ongoing chronological feed for easy access anytime on mobile devices
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