Strategy & Mental – Nutrition

Golf is a demanding sort and requires us to be sharp and focused with lots of energy so we can make great shots. Many players start off good on hole number one…but by the 10th hole, if no lunch was had, all of a sudden your game is going down the tanker and you have n idea why? The front 9 was awesome. You thought you were on your way to breaking your goal score. What happened? Nutrition. Plus, we’ll head to the market and the kitchen with Christina and Gregg! So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Goals

Why do you play golf? That is the first question to ak yourself. Why? Knowing the reason why you play whether it’s for social camaraderie or to win the next tournament pays a key role in the goals that you’ll set for your game. Setting goals is like a road map. It helps you navigate your way to more pars with realistic and measurable goals. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Pace of Play

An 18-hole round from the time you leave your house is about 6 hours. Let’s not make it 8 with slow as a turtle play. In this targeted playlist, you’ll learn how to keep pace so you can keep your friends and make new ones. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Trouble

Oh oh! You’re in trouble under a tree and no clear shot toward the hole. No what? You have two options: you can survey the lay of the land and have fun creating a smart game plan or you can do what too many players do. “Geez guise, are you serious? Why do I ALWYS get stuck behind a tree!!!!” So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Know Your Yardages

Knowing how far you hit each club is paramount for low scores. Many newer players need to be patient until they get their skills to par. Once you do, you’ll begin to see the yardages with each of your clubs For the more experience players, I hope you have a range finder because golf is a numbers game and if you are not playing the number, you are risking a miss. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Target Focus

“What’s my target.” That is your focus when preparing to hit your shot, whether tee or green…or off the short hairs. The object of this game is target, Each shot you are going for a target that you select, which makes this game ultra cool. The game is in your hands, All you need to do is to learn how to focus on the right things at the right time. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Pre & Post Routines

Routines keep you in the game. They help you to focus on the right things which is strategy, shotmaking and target. Unfortunately, many player who do not have a routine struggle to find consistency with their game. Plus, how you manage the post shot is equally important as it sets the stage for the next shot. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Doubt

Fake it until you make it is my motto. Playing with confidence is the ultimate experience. But how do you get confidence if you have none or a newer player? Plus, learn how to find confidence even if you are duffing every shot. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Dealing with Others

Golf is fun, especially when playing with your pals or new acquaintances. That said, it is important to mange these folks as they can interfere with your awesome game. Plus, there are some key things NOT to do when playing with others and some ket this to do. So, let’s get to it.

Strategy & Mental – Swing Management

What is swing management? That’s a great question. Understanding your swing and what needs fix’in… and what’s great about it is swing management. Being able to manage your swing changes and improvements is vital to achieving your golfing goals…whatever they may be. Unfortunately, many players lack the skills to manage their swing, therefore never really see great gains with their game. Plus, what happens when you lose your swing! It’s happens to everyone. How do you manage? Let’s find out now in this targeted playlist. So, let’s get to it.