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Mount for Phone
I really like this one. It is the one that I use.
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Tripod with Mount for Phone
This is a must if doing direct coaching with me.
Use this to groove hinging and to stay on plane. Use it for your short and long game.
CardioSlope with the Shortee Club
I love this duo developed by karen Palacios-Jansen. The Shortee Club is great so you don't break anything in the house when groovin' your swing.
Divot Board for Low Point
Reall y fun way to train great ball striking. Use for short game and long game.
More Pars Connection Band
Get connected with chips, pitches and long game. Best used with half swings. The More Pars Connection Band helps to keep on on the swing plane, get more width, and maintain the chest to arm connection so you can hit more solid shots.
The Roll Board for Putting
One of my favorite training aids to smooth out your roll. Use the PutterWheel with this. I great practice session!
PutterWheel & Lag it Close Gift Set
Your objective is to roll the PutterWheel smooth…no wobbles. Use the red sides to ensure the correct distance from the ball. If you wobble check your distance from the ball, tempo, ball position and putter’s path back and through.