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Bunker Play Overview

I was watching an LPGA Golf Event on the television, and I heard Cristie Kerr tell her caddie that she’s is going for the greenside bunker as her miss. I thought to myself, “What? Is she crazy!!” Apparently, the bunker for golf pros is pretty simple. For us recreational players, not so much. Let’s change that now and get you equipped with solid fundamentals from the sand.

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 Let’s ditch the bunker-dread!

As recreational players, we typically dread a bunker shot of any kind. The pros, on the other hand, may specifically select the bunker as their miss when approaching the green. Why? The pros know how to set up properly and execute a sand shot with ease. Let’s get you closer to that “easy” feeling.

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Which clubface works best for course or heavy sand?

A Closed Clubface

An Open Clubface

A Square Clubface

Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an SW.


I begin by addressing must-know set up and execution techniques for the standard bunker shot. Our goal is to eliminate the “panic-factor” that many of you face when presented with a bunker shot. I certainly went through this panic phase. So I get the urgency to eliminate this panic, pronto!


Learn start with this lesson discussing excessive movement in the bunker and how to fix it.

Answer: A SQUARE FACE. With heavy or wet sand, the bounce will ricochet off the sand. Instead, use the leading edge and play a square face.