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BAD SHOT FIXES on the Green!

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In this section, we are going to address the not-so-pretty putts that span beyond 2, including SET UP & SUCH and LINE & SPEED culprits.

SET UP & SUCH: Just like your other clubs in the bag, set up plays a key role in successful putting. In this section, we’ll address three main culprits that affect our set up: stiff arms, too far or close to the ball, and poor alignment.

LINE & SPEED: Balls don’t go in for three reasons: you either missed the line, speed or both! We’ll explore three main culprits that affect line and speed: swing path, wrist play, and reading the green.

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Why do we peek?

I forgot where the hole was!

A bug landed on my ball, and I was worried it would roll to its death!

My playing partners started yapping, and I lost focus.

I want this ball to go in. So I am more focused on the result, rather than the actual putt.