Let’s Assess Your Game

Assessing your current game is the very first step to more pars. The More Pars Platform is here to help you do just that!

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to assess your game. By understanding your game strengths, and where you fall short, you’ll have a  clear view. Target specific tips within this platform to help you achieve your goals and turn those weak areas intro strengths.

Steps to Success

  • Establish goals along with 3 tasks to accomplish
  • Chart Your Yardages with Each Club
  • Based on your goals, craft a Game Plan
  • Track at least 5 rounds (Basic or Advanced)
  • Schedule local lessons and log them
  • Get a Stat Assessment – Explore Coach Services
  • Create and log your practice sessions
  • Ask Christina a question! Sometimes we just need clarity.
  • Get a Swing Review!  Get a Swing Review
  • Play tournaments! These are the best opportunity.

Download the Goal with 3 Fun Tasks Sheet Now

Track Your Stats on the More Pars Game Dashboard!

Have you checked out the Game Dashboard? Track your stats and lots more. Enter a New Round

Mental Prep Tips

Check out tips from Rich (who is a scratch golfer and LOVES pressure) and how he preps for a big event.

Download the Tournament Prep Sheet Now

Play as many tournaments as possible.

Playing events, where you have to hole-out and count every stroke is the best way to more pars. When I play events, I focus on the six inches between my ears and tempo. Under pressure, I tend to get quick, which throws off my sequence. Everyone is different. Find out what your pressure tendencies are. AND…be sure to download the Tournament Prep sheets, so you can be ready to do your best.

Celebrate your victories…small and grand. Download Personal Records sheet now.

Download the Personal Record Sheet Now
Keep track of your lessons, so you can stay on track between lessons.

Download the Lesson Drills Sheet Now
Know how far you carry the ball and how much roll-out you get with each club.

Download the Carry/Roll Chart Now
Golf is a numbers game. Know your numbers.

Download the Club Yardage Sheet Now
Practice smart and track your practice, so you can see measurable improvement AND refer back to your practice sessions.

Download the Practice Session Sheet Now
Jotting down key points, thoughts, and whatever-moves-you-notes is paramount. Why? You’re playing your best round ever. Write down what you were feeling that day. What happened prior? Did you land a big deal at work? Be specific as you can, so you can reveal what the magic was that day and refer to it again for another day.

Download the Notes Chart Now
More Pars Notes Module
Did you know you can take notes right here on the site. On the bottom of most pages is the Notes Module. Click and add notes that you can refer to whenever!